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Product Overview

* According to works standard specification KRONOSPAN WN-103,

MO.RE! can do more.

Take more. Endure more. Withstand more
MO.RE! from KRONOSPAN is a moisture-resistant laminate flooring product that makes laminate even more practical for everyday life. MO.RE! makes laminate flooring even more moisture-resistant. And that’s a good thing. After all, small everyday mishaps can happen to anyone.

MO.RE! can stand up to what life brings:

  • It’s much more moisture-resistant than traditional laminate flooring
  • Its antibacterial surface inhibits bacteria growth on floors to protect your family (Tested bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus)
  • It’s light-resistant: Even on days when the sun is shining for hours, your flooring remains nonfading according to rating 6, the highest level of the Blue Wool Scale
  • Great for installation in private bathrooms (Please refer to the installation instructions)
  • Available in utilization classes 32 and 33 according to DIN EN 13329

MO.RE! is based on a specially developed substrate formula.

Its new binding agent makes flooring more durable and decreases swelling – improving resistance to moisture penetration.

MO.RE! for the environment

MO.RE! offers more. Including for the environment: It is made using only wood from sustainably managed forests. And KRONOSPAN does not use any PVC in flooring with the MO.RE! technology, demonstrating our commitment to environmental stewardship. MO.RE! substrate is CO2-neutral: Processing a tree to make this product emits less CO2 than the tree has stored in its life.

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