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Collection Villa - K418 Longbow Oak


Authentic wood and stone textures.

The latest EUROHOME collection is our widest-ever range of new decors; they comprise new trends, and new surface textures and finishes inspired by leading designers. We constantly work to develop our products, creating new unique decors with perfectly matched wood and stone textures and panels of different sizes.

  • Grained Timber (GT)

  • Nature Line (NL)

  • Rustic Finish (RF)

  • Used Wood (UW)

  • Rust (RT)

  • Antique Stone (AS)

  • Carpenter Mill Oak

  • Villa Scandinavia (VS) - Authentic embossed

  • Old English Oak (OE) - Authentic embossed

  • Historic Oak (HO) - Authentic embossed

  • Oiled Slate

  • Rustic Chestnut

  • Royal Oak (RO) - Authentic embossed

  • Palace Oak (PO) - Authentic embossed