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mo.re! Moisture resistance technology


Moisture resistance technology

How mo.re! technology works.

mo.re! technology is based on a new substrate formulation. This makes the floor significantly less prone to swelling and therefore more resistant to the effects of water than conventional laminate floors. Spilled a drink? Knocked over the mop bucket? Has a flower pot leaked onto the floor? There’s no reason to panic: floors featuring mo.re! technology can withstand such mishaps. You can wipe up the liquid in peace and don’t need to worry about whether your floor has been damaged. mo.re! makes this possible!

  • mo.re! reliability
    Floors featuring mo.re! technology offer you as much as 48 hours of splash-water protection.*
  • A.B.C. Anti bacterial comfort
    It goes without saying that keeping your floor as clean and bacteria-free as possible is important to you. The A.B.C. surface** does not provide a basis for bacteria to grow. With regular cleaning, you and your family can enjoy everyday life without any worries.
  • Pet-proof
    Thanks to their robust surface, mo.re! technology and the antibacterial comfort, EUROHOME River floors are eminently suitable for households with pets.

* According to works standard specification KRONOSPAN WN-103, www.floor-with-more.com.
** Tested germs: Staphylococcus aureus Spilled