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Insulating Underlays

The perfect underlay for your laminate floor

The correct underlay material should be carefully chosen according to the setting of your room. Heat insulation, footfall, and noise reduction play a big role in choosing the right underlay for your laminate floor.

Euro-Home insulation is a versatile, durable underlay for parquet and laminate floors. Euro-Home underlay materials go through an extensive series of quality and laboratory tests to ensure footfall sound reduction and impact noise reduction. These heavy-duty underlays perform excellently in everyday situations, as proven through practical use.

All Euro-Home underlay materials are CFC-free, can be disposed of in household waste, are recyclable, do not pollute natural waters, and are non-hazardous. The material’s base is compatible with bitumen, PVC, linoleum, oil, cement, artificial and natural resins, as well as magnesite.

PUR 2.0 mat

This professional acoustic mat is made from PuR/mineral. Excellent walking (airborne) and impact sound values. High pressure stability and low thermal resistance.

XPS 5.0 panel

5 mm-thick panel made of extruded polystyrene. Very good insulation properties and high impact sound reduction. Levels out unevenness of up to 4 mm.

PE foam

Available in different thicknesses and roll lengths, this foam provides good impact sound insulation.

EPS 1.6 foldable insulation board

Made of expanded polystyrene and aluminium-damped PET film, this insulation board absorbs impact sound and acts as a moisture barrier. The coating is overlapping and self-adhesive, perfect for application with radiant heating.