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Laminate Installation: Click It To Wall

Bringing laminate flooring to your wall

Below you will find a detailed description of how to install laminate flooring to your walls using the Click It To Wall System.

  1. Acclimatise the material before installing and store it in the room in which it is to be installed for 48 hours.
  2. Attach running boards as subconstruction.
  3. Screw the pads with touch fastener to the running boards.
  4. The number of pads in the first row must be at least 8 (4 pads on the tongue and groove side respectively at gaps of approx. 40 cm). From the 2nd row onwards, 4 pads on the backside are sufficient as the panel with the tongue is bolted into the groove and thus supported in this way.
  5. Attach the adhesive side of the pads to the backside of the floor panel. The rear of the panels must be dry and free of grease and dust.
  6. Screw pads with the touch fasteners to the subconstruction.
  7. Attach the end profiles using double-sided adhesive tape. Profiles have to be cut in order to fit at a 90 degree angle.
  8. The pads are only to be used for the attachment of laminate floors to the wall. The pads are not designed for load-bearing purposes. Shelves or televisions can only be hung from the subconstruction. To this end, the subconstruction must be 8 mm thicker than the screws are long. You may not screw through the panels.

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